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Garfields Smoked Cheese
Garfields Smoked Cheese
Our smoked cheese has a delicate smokey flavor and creamy texture that is simply delicious! We love it with crackers, in ham and cheese sandwiches, and melted on hamburgers or nachos chips.

Half  Block of Smoked Cheese
Perfect for a party, snack or gift, our 2.5 lb. half block of smoked cheese will make any event extra special.

Smoked Chedder (approx. .5 lbs)
For a bold flavor, try our smoked sharp cheddar cheese. We start with an aged sharp cheddar, and gently smoke it until golden brown. Half pound package(approx.)

 Block of  Smoked Cheese
For the die-hard cheese lover, this 5 lb. block will satisfy the heartiest of appetites.

1/4 Block Smoked Cheese
Our same wonderful corn cob and select New Hampshire hardwood smoked cheese in a convenient quarter block quantity.

Smoked Nibble Bag
An 8-oz. bag of our wonderful smoked cheese in bite size nibbles. Great for snacks or lunches.

Cracker Size Smoked Cheese
Each slice is the perfect size to fit on a cracker. Approxiamately 8-9 ounce bar.