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Gift Boxes
Gift Boxes
Our gift boxes are filled with a variety of our products, and are perfect for anyone on your gift-giving list. We offer decorative boxes for shipping to help gift giving to the person that has everything!

Cheese Sampler Box
The cheese sampler has an assortment of smoked and farm fresh cheeses.There is a 7 oz smoked cheddar bar, 9 oz smoked original cheese, 1/2 lb Taylor Brothers Jack & Gouda and Taylor Brothers Jack with Garfield's Smokehouse signature corn cob and hardwood smoke added. Terrific for a gift or cheese board.

Snack Pack Box
The Snack Pack box has everything you need to host a gathering.Just add mayo and sour cream to dips and crackers for the cheese and pepperoni and you're ready!

Breakfast Box
The Breakfast Box has a 8 oz smoked cheese bar,l lb. smoked ham steak, 1 lb. smoked bacon, buttermilk pancake mix, pint Taylor Brothers maple syrup, Sidehill Farm jam.

Deluxe Gift Box
Deluxe Gift Box has the same variety as the Breakfast Box but more! This is terrific for a bigger group.This box has 1 lb. smoked bacon, 2 lbs ham steaks, 1 1/4 brick smoked cheese, pint Taylor Brothers maple syrup, buttermilk pancake mix, and Sidehill Farm jam.

Dinner Gift Box
This box is packed with everything you need for a delicious dinner. You can weave the pound of bacon over the top of the ham to add a special flavor and look. This box includes a half boneless smoked ham (approx 6-7+ lbs), 1 lb smoked bacon, 8 oz smoked cheese bar and 7 oz smoked cheddar cheese and Taylor Bros. 1/2 lb Jack cheese

Taylor Brothers Creamery Gift Box
1 lb wheel of Cloverland Colby Rosemary & Red Pepper-a mild cheese similar to cheddar but softer and moister with a punch of spices. 1 lb wheel Cloverland Colby Dill-a mild cheese similar to cheddar but softer and moister. 1 lb wheel Evelyn's Jack- semi-hard style cheese that becomes sharper with age.