We are taking our gift boxes, smoked bacon and smoked hams offline until holidays so sorry for the inconvenience. Taylor cheeses have been discontinued.

The Garfield's Process

There’s something about the rich aroma of our New Hampshire hardwood and cob smoked meats and cheese that draws people to the kitchen faster than most anything else.

All of our cob and hardwood smoked meats are carefully selected and hand-trimmed by our butchers. From here both our meats and cheeses are separately smoked at a low temperature for at least 24 hours until the signature Garfield's hearty and bold old fashioned smoked flavor is achieved.

Whether a featured ingredient in a savory dish or crisply seared on its own, our products are some of the best you’ll ever try.

We have also decided to discontinue Taylor Brothers cheeses. The gift boxes, smoked bacon and smoked hams are offline until the holiday season. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hours & Location

163 Main Street

Meriden, NH 03770